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Lesley Curtis - Spirit & Sound

In the search to find her own inner peace and happiness, Lesley started her spiritual journey with Reiki, eventually becoming a Reiki Master in 2002. Already an established singer/songwriter, musician, performer, voice coach, committed meditator, author and poet she now combines all these elements to offer her unique sessions she calls ‘Spirit and Sound’. She also works as a trance medium channelling inspirational words, messages and healing from her Circle of Guides.


Lesley is a prolific songwriter and is also available for live performance of her work. She also performs as part of the duo 'Oakleas Rise' playing original country/folk music. More details at www.oakleasrise.co.uk

Original Music available on CD



Music Moves Within Me

This album took Lesley three years to make, from writing the songs to completion. Consisting of a combination of chanelled spiritual messages, music, voice and mantra, its aimed at acheiving harmony with the seven main chakras using musical key and intent.It was created so that spiritual teachings combined with vibrant and exciting music could be introduced into everyday life. Whether meditated to, danced to or sung with or just listened to, this CD has the ability to raise consciousness and promote self-awareness and a sense of well-being.

As Constant as the Setting Sun

This 6 track CD includes some of Lesley's favourite songs that she has written. Including: "Don't Look At The Sun", "Spirit Of The Flowers" (only available on this CD) "Let Me Fly", "This Love Of Mine", "As Constant As The Setting Sun" and  "You Stand Me Tall".


Don't Look at the Sun

This 3 track CD includes 'Don't Look at the Sun', 'Music Moves Within Me' and 'As Constant As The Setting Sun', a selection of beautiful and uplifting songs from various albums written by Lesley Curtis.


Inspiration, Contemplation, Relaxation Cards

This unique series of short channelled messages are designed to inspire peace and harmony within the self. Channelled by Lesley over a period of time through her own spiritual practice and connection with her guides. Lesley has gathered these wise words into a set of original and beautifully crafted cards and enclosed them in a white organza bag for portability. They can be used daily to promote contemplation or before meditation to give focus,or simply as a daily reminder of the beauty of life in words designed to inspire.

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